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A word used to describe any school that loses at its own homecoming. The use of the word has been expanded to describe any team that loses at home.
I can't believe the Mariners lost at Safeco. That's so Inglemoor of them!
by blim July 22, 2006
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the best high school in the entire northshore school district. our mascot is the viking.

the school is awesome for 3 main reasons: 1 our athletic program dosent consist of wussies (eat that bothell) 2 the teachers are flipin awesome, actualy teaching you usefull information 3 we have a mid-evil club during school and a DND club after school

bothell high school is our main oponent in pretty much everything, with an intense rivalry spaning many years

the only real problem with the school is that both youtube and urban dictionary are blocked by the school internet on the district level
random inglemoor student 1: oh man! did you see how badly we lost that football game to bothell last night.
random inglemoor student 2: yeah but did you hear that we beat them sensless at the boomer bowl afterwords!
random inglemoor student 1: maybe theay will try to retailate somehow...
random inglemoor student 2: nah even bothell isint that low.
by col.sherman October 25, 2009
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