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A high school in Bothell, WA with an elitist complex. The staff only makes accommodations for typical A type student who will take hard classes, get good grades, and get the school more funding. If you learn or think differently at all this isn't the right school for you. Countless teens have fallen through the cracks of this system because while struggling they were labeled as "unmotivated" . Their special ed program has ridiculous isolation. They principle has worked there 100 years too long and cares about her sports car and fake tan more than her own students.
When my sister with down syndrome went to Inglemoor High School, she lost all her progress from speech therapy because she was stuck in a room with kids who needed way more attention than her all day everyday.
by lets impeach mrs.sherwood August 18, 2015
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A school in Inglewhore, WA where butthurt bitches strive to one-up their rival, Bothell High School, and put their hearts and souls into Deca. How cute. One of their many talents, always coming up short to anything, especially football.
We're Inglemoor High School. We love losing and our nasty senior whores. GO DECA!
by GoodLuckViks June 18, 2014
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