An app for aspiring or even current pilots. It is perfect for training, or even being pro. It has three severs to separate you on skill. It has a huge variety of aircraft and airlines. Has nice staff as well. It also has the whole world animated, so perfect for long hauls!
Friend: What are you doing later?
Me: I’m going to fly on Infinite Flight
by JacksonAviation March 22, 2019
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A game made for realism but ended up being stupid thanks to its retarded players ramming into each other / ATC tower, not giving a fuck about ATC instructions, flying extremely low to the airport or up to the point where it could recreate the 9/11 pentagon attack if it had airport buildings in it and telling tower that they are remaining in the pattern but they leave the airspace instead as if they are hallucinating Gordon Ramsay telling them to fuck off in the sim
ATC LOG: (Plane 1), please do not taxi throu grass

(Plane 2), please wait for clearance before taking off!

(Plane 3), please wait for clearance before landing!

Me: *slams phone on floor* fuck this! Infinite Flight is the pinnacle of stupidity!
by A chinese earthquake May 31, 2020
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A horrible community of people worse than rainbow six siege. All everyone does on there complain and whine about how they got ghosted in IF and their pet peeves. It’s a game, not a simulator
Person 1: I hate how people taxi at more than 2 knots
Person 2: How dare they put them in jail!
Person 3: ok calm down infinite flight community
by KittyKutter73 June 30, 2020
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Just some virtual air traffic controlling people that make people’s planes disappear for being idiots yet make other people happy that those people are controlling.
IFATC (Infinite Flight Air Traffic Controlling) just ghosted me please help I did nothing wrong!!!
by NovemberFourTangoEcho March 27, 2018
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