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A very cool Zerg unit in the real time strategy game Starcraft II, the infestor is called a caster because it cannot attack, but has interesting abilities. The infestor is very weak, but can move while burrowed (underground) and can cast "spawn infested terran," "fungal growth," and "neural parasite." Spawn infested terran costs 25 energy, and can be used while burrowed. It spawns one infested terran that can attack your enemies but is very slow. Fungal growth costs 75 energy, and stops your opponent from moving and deals 36 damage over 4 seconds. Finally, neural parasite mind controls an enemy unit for a period of time, and costs 100 energy. Some players say that spawn infested terran is overpowered because a mere 5 infestors with their full 200 energy can spawn 40 infested terran.
Terran player: Dude, your infestors are way overpowered! You send 10 of 'em with full energy into my base burrowed!? What am I supposed to do against 80 infested terran?

Zerg player: You have seige tanks, bitch!

Terran player: Switching to zerg...

Protoss player: Observers ftw!
by Cool guy who does things August 07, 2011
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