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In the game of Starcraft - The unit given to the Zerg race after a Queen infests a severly damaged Terran Command Center. It cannot target air units. Its suicide attack does 500 base and splash damage to ground units and buildings. Its armor can be upgraded from 0 to 3.
AFK4LIFE: he dropped an infestie in my money and killed all my workers :(

Random Racist: Infested Terrans are just muslims brainwashed by the Zerg
by Rega May 22, 2007
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1. A strange zerg unit in the computer RTS games, StarCraft, its expansion Brood War, and its sequel, StarCraft II. Can only be created when a Zerg player uses the Queen unit to infest a Terran Command Center.

This is easy to do in team games, when a Terran player sends Zerg allies a few Command Centers to infest, or when a Zerg player attacks a new Terran base expansion, or also in a team game, one of the opponents is Terran, and happens to not be as good a player.

The unit in question, when acquired becomes a huge asset for the player, due to its heavily damaging suicidal attack. Tip: if you ever get to make these, make sure you know how to use them. If the enemy drops a few light infantry right next to your Infested Command Center, any Infested Terrans nearby will charge and probably destroy your precious ICC.
person1: LOL hope your flank's guarded

n00b2: fuck, which one?
*the first player's overlords drop Infested Terrans on ALL SIDES of the second player's base.*

person3: LOL, good one Phil! it was worth the minerals!
*drops Siege Tanks and Vultures next to the second player's resources*
by aka_Pyro May 31, 2007
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1 A zerg unit from the popular Real Time Strategy Game Starcraft that can be created from an Infested Terran Command Center. Its attack method involves it's self destruct mechanism. The splash of its innards then hurts units around it.
2 A nigger or animal of African Descent (can't say human, niggers aren't human)
1 "RUN! It's an infested terran that's about to explode!"
2 "RUN! There's an infested terran at this KFC!
by SLayerS "BoxeR" March 13, 2009
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