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In the game of Starcraft - The unit given to the Zerg race after a Queen infests a severly damaged Terran Command Center. It cannot target air units. Its suicide attack does 500 base and splash damage to ground units and buildings. Its armor can be upgraded from 0 to 3.
AFK4LIFE: he dropped an infestie in my money and killed all my workers :(

Random Racist: Infested Terrans are just muslims brainwashed by the Zerg
by Rega May 22, 2007
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I passed my test! Thanks to the Clock Method
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1. A strange zerg unit in the computer RTS games, StarCraft, its expansion Brood War, and its sequel, StarCraft II. Can only be created when a Zerg player uses the Queen unit to infest a Terran Command Center.

This is easy to do in team games, when a Terran player sends Zerg allies a few Command Centers to infest, or when a Zerg player attacks a new Terran base expansion, or also in a team game, one of the opponents is Terran, and happens to not be as good a player.

The unit in question, when acquired becomes a huge asset for the player, due to its heavily damaging suicidal attack. Tip: if you ever get to make these, make sure you know how to use them. If the enemy drops a few light infantry right next to your Infested Command Center, any Infested Terrans nearby will charge and probably destroy your precious ICC.
person1: LOL hope your flank's guarded

n00b2: fuck, which one?
*the first player's overlords drop Infested Terrans on ALL SIDES of the second player's base.*

person3: LOL, good one Phil! it was worth the minerals!
*drops Siege Tanks and Vultures next to the second player's resources*
by aka_Pyro May 31, 2007
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