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Amazingly hot girl. Usually originating from eastern Europe. Daily diet normally consists of Special K and cottage cheese when available. Has an insatiable urge to consume blueberries out of season.

Makes an amazing friend and a great wing person due to impressive physical aspects.

Likes to decorate herself with Jack Wills despite the stupid prejudice.
Whoa!! You know the Inese ?!?! How awesome you must be!
by ItotheZ April 18, 2009
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Beautiful girl, helpful, kind, sweetharted, and sometimes can be very annoying.
Somehow Inese knows everything about everyone.
Lies alot, to make her life seem more cooler, and more interesting.
Always is filming everything, anywhere.
Can’t spend a minute without eating.
Omg Inese! Can you go to the shop and buy me some chips?
by Karlis Nurzs November 22, 2018
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