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The guy who wrote the other definition for Industrial Design is mostlikely a faggot. Not all ID's are like that. There's reason behind the design. We combine Design, Science, and Business. We make shit look cool, and focus on user-centered design, rather than boring, you need three arms to fuckin make it work type of products. We focus on the exterior of products, such as the plastic on your computer.
Architects design buildings, Industrial Designer's design everything else.
by go phuk ur self January 06, 2008
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An anal retentive, black slack (and jumper) wearing person who spends their life pushing their point of view when others just want to get on with the job at hand.
That 3mm rad would look better at 2.8!
If you dress in black, you are an industrial designer!
If you can sketch like a child, you are an industrial designer!
If you sell your services as a colour consultant, then you are probably an industrial designer!
by John G Wel September 14, 2006
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