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A good humored girl usually short and very pretty. She is an amazing friend and a great kisser along with the fact that she's very freaky and spontaneous. All around the girl of your dreams boys. Not only that but she will love to laugh and usually stands out. She is different but in a good way.
Alen: Damn i'll never be able to get her

Admir: Get who

Alen: Indijana.
by peanutbutter1234smileface November 02, 2010
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crazy, just crazy and hyper as hell. Pretty sure, but what no one is mentioning is she's crazy and random. She hits me a lot.
Mom: where did the bruise come from

me: indijana....
by thekidyouhiteverydayin1sthour January 05, 2011
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a retarded child you think about throwing at a wall. a very hairy individual.
anel:damn, talk about a bbush..
alen: total indijana !
by blahhhhhhhhh1 September 24, 2010
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