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(Noun) The name Inderpreet means "Lover of God". Inderpreets are fierce and independent with a strong personality. They are highly intelligent and are sexy and stunning girls . They are true badasses : strong, skilled, and fast. Love and emotions are greatly involved in their life and they usually get the hottest, sweetest guys. Inderpreets have a very good taste in music and fashion and are amazing dancers! They have a soft spot for animals. Inderpreets are the type of girls who always knows a guy for everything and its true - they do. They don't start fights but they sure do finish them. They are usually very outgoing and are overall cool motherfuckers. If you have an Inderpreet in your life, cherish her: she's a keeper.
Inderpreet is such a badass! I wish I could be her!
Inderpreet is so hot!
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by jessymessy1998 May 28, 2018
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