A sudden sexual envounter involving penetration.
Sally was surprised when she got incursed by her boyfriend late last night.
by MattnJenn October 22, 2009
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to attack aggressivly this is the real meaning the other ones from wen i didn't acctually know what it meant!!! but leo sorta came up with it for a band name!!!
lets attack em' aggressivly
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a gay wow guild that normal people should steer queer of.
john: Hey joe, wanna join my guild?
joe: whats ur guilds name?
john: predatory incursion
joe: those fags?
by luvs2schizer January 27, 2011
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this is a completely new word my friend chris hampson came up with he came up with it with leo and told me sam g!

this word means to be different and a little wacky!
stop being so incursive!
by sam gates March 09, 2005
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When a person gives a handjob to two people simultaneously, each receiver on one side of a national border. (Cross-border handjob) -Taylor Richard
Lucy was on the German/Belgium border giving a German incursion.
by Frine February 13, 2015
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