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When someone does or says something incredibly inconceivable and its devoid of any/all logic, and you wonder how they have managed to survive life this long
C: "A severe hurricane is coming Friday, make sure your homes are prepared."
J: "I was scheduled to work Friday, what should I do about my timesheet?"
C: "Oh, just come in early that morning and we will find out whats going on."
T: "WOW! Thats the most incraigable decision by a supervisor ever!"
by OhYouSee October 13, 2016
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Doing something so crazy and outlandish that it resembles one Craig Carpenter. Stealing shit from friends, handing out draw four cards to your friends, etc.
You took my care package?! Incraigable!
by MichiganMan5000 March 24, 2011
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