A person who is secretly a nerd, and is afraid to tell anyone.
Bill: Hey have you seen Jimmy?

Ted: Yeah, he's off playing D&D with some freinds, but don't tell anyone because he's totally in the basement.
by ninjarabbi May 10, 2010
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The act of sitting in a basement and doing nothing. Most commonly this is found in a group of friends who are boring and have nothing else to do, or are too lazy to get off their asses and make something of their lives. Basementing is the opposite of adventure.
Yo, you want to go over to Chris'?
nah bro they're just basementing again.
lets go climb a mountain and go basejumping.
by the real patyfatycake January 31, 2011
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A place where kids live
X: Where do kids live?
Y: Basement
by Mr Bacis September 27, 2020
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A basement is a place you keep your hostag- I mean your things you don't want in your house... it's important that there's stairs down to your basement so when the hostag- I mean things you don't want in your house are trying to escape you can break their ankles so they can't run. And it's also important to have a baseball bat.
Sangwoo: come see my basement

Yoonbum: no *gets knocked out with a bat*
by Sangwoos.feet.fetish. December 1, 2020
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Some were to put random kids and hide your weed
Get in my Basement
by Feet with toes December 10, 2020
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