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a word used to describe any example of an instance where a politician makes a move that should be politically (and solely politically) beneficial but backfires. Most recent, this term has been used in discussion of McCain’s choice to nominate Sarah Palin as his VP.

Past tense: "impalined"
John McCain will feel silly for impalin‘ himself with that VP pick!
I hope the Republicans get mad at John McCain for his impalin‘ decision to choose Governor Palin.
He lost the election by impalin‘ himself because he made that single decision.
by Impalin September 10, 2008
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making a decision where the only motivation is political gain that completely backfires and destroys a politician’s reputation. Named for Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska, the presumptive Republican nominee for vice president in 2008. The word is a colloquialism based on the English word "impaling" and can be used with or without an apostrophe signifying the dropped final "g."
By choosing Sarah Palin as his VP, John McCain was found guilty of impalin'. Barack Obama easily won the election.
by Ize B. August 30, 2008
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