Chevrolet automobile. Popular car among West Coast/gangsta rappas.
i'm rollin outta dis joint in muh Impala. *yo shit dat sum mad nice wheels ya got there is dat Impala?
by the parsh January 31, 2003
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Probably the first really successful front wheel drive cop car. The Taurus was offered as a police package in the early nineties, but failed. After the Caprice ended, the Lumina was a FWD Chevy police car, but not well-recieved. The Intrepid might have caught on too, but it's been replaced by the RWD Charger.
Move Over, Crown Victoria! The Impala is ready to roll!

The Impala is such a common police car that it is used by the NYPD.
by Mustang GT August 16, 2005
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A Boobie Car, A car made by Chevrolet that has rear lights shaped like a womans boobs.
by slyshady15 December 31, 2005
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the best car know alive with bag drops and highdrollicks. best car for picking up ho's
damn that impala is dope
by big pito daddy September 12, 2018
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