If you get bitten by a bullet ant while eating the hottest spice on earth and having your girlfriend break up with you bc you are now inflated.
Im in Immense pain every day
by Microwaveman69 March 24, 2021
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The act of driving eradically and harassing other drivers on the road. Often times stopping at a stop sign for too long.
Driving like a dumbass is immensely reckless. You are going to cause an accident.
by nmeyers68 July 25, 2017
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A bitch who listens to imagine dragons.

Suffers from ligma and inferior to GangCry
Omg is that immense cargo, he’s such an Owen
by Drhank February 28, 2022
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extremely, exceptionally
The building is immensely high.
by Ziamaris January 14, 2018
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A person that talks condenscendingly in order to win an argument when in reality they are highly stupid.
Karen was insistent that calling some a Karen is morally worse than calling someone the n-word. "Do you just not understand why its worse, did you not go to college or something", smirked Karen in a patronising manner. Karen is an immense noob.
by Elle394 May 24, 2020
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When you feel that you want to die and dont want to die at the same time. Your brain is full of saddness and pain because you feel like nothing matters and that your problems are you fault. Your brain feels an undescribable internal conflict because it just hurts living, but at the same time, your too sentimental about those around you and you dont want to lose them by dying. It hurts and theres no way to get help. You can't decide if you want to just end it or suffer by just breathing. It certainly would be easier just dying but you would miss those around you...
The author of this definition feels Immense Saddness and Pain.
by Help_me_please. Im_in_pain January 25, 2019
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Really big in an adjective form spoken by someone with poor pronunciation.
Nobody could predict the immensibility of the impact of Twitter and Facebook on the political consulting industry.
by mdlieb March 17, 2011
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