5 definitions by Microwaveman69

Never uploads good stuff to youtube, and he plays cannon in brawlhalla.
ErzorTV is bad.
by Microwaveman69 March 21, 2021
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If you get bitten by a bullet ant while eating the hottest spice on earth and having your girlfriend break up with you bc you are now inflated.
Im in Immense pain every day
by Microwaveman69 March 24, 2021
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Someone who is good at making shitpost and also is a god gamer.
Sociopathic sock is very good at Dead Cells
by Microwaveman69 March 22, 2021
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How someone is supposed to describe a Lumpfish
Lumpfish come in a variety of shapes and colors, this one is stumpy and green. Very beautiful very powerful.
by Microwaveman69 March 18, 2022
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A brawlhalla related term for a psychopath that likes to see individuals suffer but act like everything is ok. Or theyre just weebs.
A: "look theres a Yumiko main"
B: "run for your god dang life"
by Microwaveman69 March 24, 2021
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