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A person from Asian descent who acts white.
1)Lucy doesn't know how to operate a TI-89 calculator? She's obviously an Imitasian.

2)Lucy failed her Calculus test? IMITASIAN.
by SpencerKil December 09, 2006
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An Asian that was born in America that really isn't an Asian they just think they are!
Mutt: Hey man, Yeah did you see that new Asian kid today?

IT: Oh you mean Tommy, yeah he isn't an Asian he's an imitasian!

Mutt: What's an imitasian?

IT: A person that looks Asian but is really an American.

Mutt: Oh, far out man!
by MavrickSauls January 11, 2011
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1) adj. Mainly used in reference to food and restaurants, and specifically to "westernized" versions of asian cuisines. The term is not always pejorative, as this food can be produced at both high-end restaurants and mall kiosks, and in many parts of the world. The majority of the food is sweetened, salted, pickled, or spiced differently than the perceived traditional recipe, and often to excess. The menus are also quite different, and generally there is a greater emphasis placed on meats, fried coatings, and sweet sauces, often to appeal to children, those unfamiliar to the flavors of asian food, and stoners.

2) n., casual. Food or restaurant of this type.
1) "The imitasian dumplings at Cheesecake were hideous."

2) "We were baked, so we watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and ordered imitasian."
by Liz K September 07, 2006
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Also spelled imitazn.

1. A foreign adaptation of a certain aspect of any (generally east) Asian culture. Implies that the adaptation is ersatz and implemented only to take advantage of trends.

2. A person not of Asian descent who takes part in Asian cultural trends popular outside of Asia.

3. a) Somone who is from, or is a descendent of a person from, a region that is geographically Asian, but who would generally not be considered "Asian"
b) Somone whose ethnicity is ambiguous, but who insists that they are Asian.
1. That karate place is clearly an imitasian.

2. Poseur: Check out my new tatoo! It means "Good luck" in Chinese.
Asian Friend: Haha, no it doesn't, it says "I'm a douche bag," you imitasian.
Poseur: !

3. Um, yea, Kazakhastanis don't count, my imitasian friend.
by Kramerican August 19, 2005
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