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The "community" of They live like rats in a sewer, unaware that they live in the infrastructure for the cities above. Their opinions change around 20 times a day, even about politics.
Person 1: "Hey, Imgur's a cool community! You should become an Imgurian!"
Person 2: "You're better than this!"
by big_boy97 August 23, 2017
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An oversensitive, depressed, person with very liberal political views who spends hours upon hours on a website Claims to belong to a community of internet people who all share sensitive emotions and prefer hearing nice lies instead of the harsh reality of the world. They are a very gullible specie and will upvote anything that involves tragic events, cats, loss of fat, dogs, cancer patients, and other really really gay stuff.
Everybody is so mean and harsh to me out in the real world, I better go home and talk to my fellow imgurians they always comfort me and say nice things.
by Turd The Grumpy Cat December 18, 2012
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a community of people that live on

they are a family, they have laughed at tard together, had feels from heartwarming photos, watched tyrone get his shit together and have been there for many people when they have been left broken and alone.

imgurians are always there to lend a helping hand and give first class advice.they LOVE cats and anything fluffy.
i am an imgurian

i am part of an internet family <3 <3 <3
by saraahbeaar December 26, 2012
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One who obtains and utilizes an account on and/or a user of the Imgur mobile app. Often uses Imgur services and looks down on those who use other services. Occasionally will pressure others to use Imgur by using friendly-sounding, assumptive requests to share things on Imgur
"Hey, check out my pics on Imgur!"
"Do I have to have to be an Imgurian? I only have Flickr."
"Pshh! Who uses Flickr anymore? That's so 10 years ago. Flipping moron!"

"Any way you can share those photos to Imgur?"
Photographer: "Screw you. I'm not converting to being an Imgurian. Let me do my job. You're not paying me to tell me how to share photos."
by AgentSlade August 27, 2017
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