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Noun (archaic)

A person gifted with a vast imagination, which -- although quite uncommon! -- can suddenly disappear when asked to describe things like imaginary words.
"A natural imaginarian, he opened his mouth and out forth poured the most bizarre and marvelous notions I had ever heard."

-- Life and Times of William Munchington, 1894.
by WillowyouIDIOT August 16, 2013
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n. Someone who's political ideology is not founded in reality, closely or remotely.
Adj. A political political philosophy that advocates something that is not achievable and/or detrimental to society as a whole.
Ex. Look at that idiot anarcho-capitalist raging on the internet, he's a total imaginarian.

Ex. The lemon party of Canada 's platform has a rather imagianarin air around it.
by Qrutoph July 08, 2011
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