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The kind of person who focuses solely on fear against 'the illuminati' and/or the elite, blaming them for any and everything that goes wrong in society, popular culture, and/or their own personal lives.

The Illumifag can be considered a type of dronefag, due to the fact that they believe pretty much any and everything alternative media says about 'the illuminati' and/or the elite, including the crack-pot half-baked theories that hold absolutely no weight; even though the Illumifag(s) claim they are 'more awake' than the dronefag, they are indeed another layer of dronefag

Basically, those who claim they're 'awake' and 'are fighting against the illuminati and/or the elite', yet, are giving all their energy to 'the illuminati' and/or the elite.
You're all being Illumifags.

That Daniel Joebob guy on facebook is really being an Illumifag.

"It was the illuminati that killed him! It was their numerology! The number 11!" the Illumifag yelled, "All part of the elite's plan!"
by Kellimus Maximus December 02, 2013
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