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A mediocre, Tier 3 Ranked University (U.S. News), that specializes in education. Originally founded as a "Normal" School, Illinois State (ISU) is a common choice for those not academically strong enough for prestigious University of Illinois or a better University. Illinois State is located within the towns of Bloomington and Normal Illinois. The area is a blue collar, depressed looking city which has an extremely high larceny risk ( Not only does the campus and surrounding neighborhood have a dim and melancholy feel, for the future of education within the state of Illinois is in great danger after massive budget cuts within the state legislature.
Hey John, I just received my acceptance letter from Illinois State University!

"Oh, what happened to UofI?"

"...yeeaaa, didn't get accepted..."

"sucks! you're going to be a poor poor man"
by theShrewedWizard April 12, 2010
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All of the ugliest guys in Illinois shoved into one school. If you find someone even decent looking within your 4 years here, consider yourself lucky. Or that you just have low standards.
β€œI literally have not seen one cute guy in any of my classes”
β€œWelcome to Illinois State University”
by Realestbitchhere August 28, 2019
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