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Ill Faded Design is the creation of a single mind. Mind ready to think outside of society's complex norm. Ready to step away from the box and "crush-it."

Many have called its style plain, bland and ugly. Forgetting the fact that it is based on non-complex conceptions. Today's minds are used to chaos and action forgetting that sometimes the simplest of things are beautiful.

Water is a simple concept its simplicity makes it complex within itself. "You put water into a cup it becomes the cup, you put water in a teapot it becomes the teapot, it can flow or it can crash" (Bruce Lee)

Faded Designs have strived to reach that state of simplicity. Bringing to the world easy-on-the-eye ideas and concepts. The vision of its created, Arwin Siador Ill Faded Design is growing into much more than bland, plain ideas. It is becoming its own suedo created box where everyone wants to follow.

But Ill Faded's philosophy is not to follow, but to lead the way into another aspect.
To overcome anything
by RANG3R January 23, 2004
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