Coldest motherfucker out here. The best at everything he does. Loyal, smart and sophisticated. 50% this, 50% that and 100% suave.
Ilias really is that guy...
by OnlySpeakingFax February 24, 2019
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A guy who will, or going to change his personality to the better. He will also be a guy who is cool with everybody, and seems carrying. He will probably hang out with people that doesn’t have the same intentions as him, and not the same mindset. He is secretly very smart, and maybe not a lot of his friends will know that. He will probably be a very dedicated person, and will work hard to find success in life. He doesn’t care about girls cause he knows his dreams are a lot more important. He most likely doesn’t like to go outside with a lot of people, like a party or something. He is most likely an athletic person overall.
being defined:

A very humble dedicated person.

by Derrière hardens April 21, 2020
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A dude who is probably cooler than you.
Wow, he's so Ilias.
by octoghost November 14, 2014
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A nigga who has the longest kinds of penis

No one can even compete with this sexy specimen of God

Every girl that looks at him wants to have sex all night

Has the sexiest hairline on Earth and is 9'7 and has killed 15 lions by touching them

A complete snack nigga even has a bare code
by Killer African Ilias October 20, 2019
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Ilias is a boy who can be nice but tough with his friends, he is a sensitive boy if you get to know him better, he is nice to talk to and he is very handsome!
You're friend : damn look at him who is he ?
Me: That is Ilias he is very cute right
You're friend: yes he is
by True names information April 22, 2019
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A guy with this name has probably a big black and long dick that every girl wants to suck so badly.
A:Ohh my dick don't fit in my boxers.
B: I knew you are an Ilias.
by Maghreeeeeeeebiiii December 30, 2016
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big muscles boy and has a very big dick also all the ladies like him; He is also a very rich person
by izzyisgay April 15, 2018
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