1.ILIAS is an open source web-based learning management system (LMS). It supports learning content management (including SCORM 2004 compliance) and tools for collaboration, communication, evaluation and assessment. The software is published under the GNU General Public License and can be run on every server that supports PHP and MySQL.

2. A near-famous Youtube Director - Http://www.youtube.com/Iamilias
Ex 1.

Person 1 "Do you know any open source web-based learning management systems?"

Person 2 "I heard Ilias is a pretty good one."

Ex 2.

Person 1 "I was watching Ilias earlier."

Person 2 "He has good effect videos."
by The Notorious F.L.N January 04, 2009
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sometimes confused with "alley rash", or "alley rat", this bottom feeding dweller preys on freebies and fat chicks.
I got an ilias to stay at my house last night, he ate the pizza, drank my beer, and supposedly banged a hot chick who was, in fact, a fat chick, and was also a man. He said he would pay me back on monday with a fake job he made up.
by jizzlober February 08, 2010
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An ilias is a specific personality type often only found in upper middle class to upper class suburbs on large american cities. Ilias' tend to by greedy, condencending, arrogant, delusional, and often carry a holier than thou attitude to extreme proportions. What seperates an Ilias from an actual douchebag, narcissist, or arrogant person is that an ilias will rarely be able to back up any of claims, and will resort to ad-hominem attacks concerning your lack of material wealth, when confronted by any facts arguing against his/her delusionment.
me: Dude that guy over there thinks he's Mr. Jacked mcJacked, and can get into investment banking, trading, or consulting, and harvard despite having a less than 3.0 gpa in high school.
friend: Ya dude, he's as ilias as they get.
by ONLYthetruth October 01, 2015
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