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of Italian Origin
A very beautiful woman. Too beautiful for words. Shes absolutely stunning and perfect in every way. Her beauty will never be matched. She has the most beautiful eyes. and a dazzling smile. She loves animals and is friendly in any way. Loyal and great listener! She is independent and will stick up for herself when she needs to. She's funny and will always have you smiling. She has her blonde moments too but is definitely smart! She's sacrastic when it comes to awkward situations. She's the bestest friend anyone could ask for and the bestest lover. AMAZING in bed, and a GREAT kisser. Ilenia is really missable. everyone misses her. anyone who gets to date her should feel really lucky cause she has an amazing personality and will make you feel loved.
Boy1: Ilenia is the best thing that has ever happened to me.
by together woo June 18, 2018
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(n) a thot, always begging for fries and begging for head and got no booty

Synonyms: thot, thirsty, hoe, alejandra
Shut up Ilenia, no one is getting you fries!
by exane April 05, 2016
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