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An Ikeobi is someone who confuzzles girls to a whole new level. Ikeobi's are great in bed and can jump over skyscrapers. No one can ever catch an Ikeobi because he is so fast. Having an Ikeobi on ur Basketball team is very much needed because He is the forward that gets all the rebounds. Ikeobi's are notorious for their ability to be over cocky. If you ever meet an Ikeobi don't for get to take a picture because that will be a very very rare occasion. When you come in contact with an Ikeobi make sure you bow. Ikeobi's are also prone to never showing up for events. They say that they will come but they end up sleeping at home. Ikeobi's are generally stinky rich and don't know how to spend money. Ikeobi's are very loyal but will desert you on the first problem. Don't mess with an Ikeobi
Ikeob's are super sexi and are characterized by their bad spelling and huge dicks. You can find Ikeobi's lurking under a basketball hoop or looking at themselves in the mirror.
Girl: Was that just an Ikeobi
Other Girl: I don't think so he dosnt have his head up his arse
Girl: Yeah ur right
by Wordjoa November 20, 2010
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