Ifigenia, an amazing name for an amazing human . Generous , warmhearted , loveable .She has a shiny smile that you can watch for hours , a cute nose , big beautiful eyes (be careful you will be hypnotised) she is like the " Medusa" you will stuck with her like a stone statue on the ground .She is shy and always blushed , so adorable with pink cheeks and nose like a anime character that you have a crush on or a wild pink rose that you will pick for your lover. Maybe she is too shy but if she is comfortable with you , you will lose your mind with her humour and her ideas.Oh my...she is soooo intelligent , i can fall in love only with her mind . Of course her appearance is breathtaking , like a greek muse she is an inspiration for poems and a reason for a war. Her heart is golden and her soul so innocent like a child,you must love her and protect her , she is a treasure .
îphi (ἶφι) Ī́phidos (Ἴφιδος)” (strong, might) plus “génos (γένος) gennáō (γεννάω)” (to beget, give birth to, to bring forth, produce, generate). In turn, the name means “strong-born, mighty, a strong race”

Ifigeneia is strong as a person and responsible .

Ifigenia has a golden heart , so she is goldy .
by Thisbooshit November 20, 2021
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Ifigenia loves parties she is very sexy and sweet.Her popular boyfriends are John,Alex,Mike,Dimitri,Erik and David.Sometimes is very bitch when she is angry.She loves sushi!Also Chanelle
-Omg are you Ifigenia ?
-You are so cute!
-No I am such a bitch😡
by Ifiiii October 23, 2019
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The best princess of bitchies ever!she love sushiand Chanelle!Her Ex boyfriends names are John,mike,Alex,Erik,dimitri,David.
She so sexybut also sweet like sugar!she enjoys very much parties!!
-are you Ifigenia
-you are so cute

-No I am the baddest bitch!!
by Ifiiii October 23, 2019
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Ifigenia is a beautiful greek girl and her cousin is @ilyadervou and btw follow her.

by Xalastarious December 31, 2018
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