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Noun, Adj; An adolescent, or adult male singularly focused on self-improvement in the aftermath of difficulty. Derived from the American visionary, "Ifanyi," a 21st century figure known to have overcome enormous difficulties in the path of truth and reunification with his child.

Characterized by inner reflection and knowledge of self, patience and the desire to cater to others' needs. A caretaker and peacemaker. Able to appreciate the good in all human beings. Known to have an over-active and vivid imagination and a desire to create and support people and or ideas.

Physically conspicuous, tending to be at least 6'4" in height. Typically very fashion conscious, appreciating fine art, music and interior design, and possesses encyclopedic knowledge of film and cinema despite being overwhelmingly not homosexual. (Not that he believes there is anything wrong with that) Some have mistakenly confused Ifanyi with metrosexual Of a darker complexion and prone to physical strength and ability, chiseled and slim physique possessing less than 3% body fat.

The male equivalent of a camille

1825–95; Nigerian; Ebo Literally translated as "All things are possible" Often used in the conjunction with "chukwu,' meaning "God" to form; "All things are possible with God"
That guy is very Ifanyi in his outlook on life; That guy walked into the room as if he were Ifanyi. I wish I could meet a guy like Ifanyi.
by blance longarm November 23, 2011
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