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Idiotology is utterly blatant (and annoyingly vocal and overt) stupidity combined with a bucketful of ignorance.

It's becomes increasingly apparent when large conservative groups convene, especially at tea party events sponsored by corporate astroturfers.

Not to be confused with ideology, which can actually make, you know, sense.
The idiotology spewed by Sarah Palin consisted of her usual word salad and included inexplicable attempts at explaining U.S. history as a way to impress voters as she pretended to contemplate a run for the presidency.
by GottaLaff September 27, 2011
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Pronounced id·i·ot all o gee

This is a school of thinking that is particularly appealing to dumb asses.

No matter what happens Republicans will not subscribe to his idiotology.
No matter what happens Republicans will not subscribe to his idiotology.
by Sandra Angel February 11, 2009
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Is the study of idiots whom have studied Criminology and whom believe they are experts in all aspects Human Psychology, and their influences on peers. Idiotology the study of idiots influencing other idiots in the quest to discovery and point out idiots.

The study of Idiotology also extends outwards to include the graduates' such as friends and family. Who continually receive ongoing private tutoring in the science of criminology by means of piratical styled lessons as they unfold.
Without benefits of receiving quality training; the said students go out into public with their own interpretations and practise on the general public.

With an obscure juvenile sense of curiosity they go out into the public, and conduction their own personal examinations, seeking out traits indicating untrustworthy foe they encounter.

It is also observed behaviour of Idiots that they are cautious about being labelled with derogatory titles, (i) they don't know what they mean and (ii) they don't know how to socially repair their image from being labelled with a derogatory titles. And usually resort to acts of vindictiveness, savatage and negative gossip in their efforts to divert attention from them selves and re divert that attention back in the direction of the source.
This is the ultimately and major character floor in an idiot, as they will resort to these actions even if they where covertly observing the individual suggesting the derogative titles.
Also known as the Hazelwick Effect
Examples of observed Idiotology in play:

Pointing out out bizarre sexual acts of individual making reference to them as being a dirty pervs

Female asks all males they come across; if sex is just a sex, as a self defence strategy from being used for sex "like a bit of meat". But becomes excited over the prospect of working for a pimp diving hookers from job to job.

Passing back and forward in a percula manner in direct line of sight of individual, while looking for indications from that individual of being recognised in their work place.

Tail gating some one while rapidly approaching yellow painted slow moving excavator, spinning out of control to avoid rear ending slow moving excavator, when tail gated individual changes lane during last moments.

List goes on
by Moe Stooge March 27, 2014
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A variation of the word IDEOLOGY usually pertaining to Trump supporters views of the current administrations policies. synonyms: a complete lack of beliefs, ideas, ideals, principles, ethics, morals;
I can't believe the idiotology of these Trump supporters!
by Anella Harmeyer February 14, 2017
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