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The most unique talented girl in the universe. Her shy, manner masks her true colors, which once you get to know her shine brighter than the yellow sun. Her impeccable writing skills will blow you away. Everyone wants to be Idella.
"Who is that beautiful girl with the blue hair?"
"Oh, her? That's Idella"

"Idella is so smart."

"Idella is so amazing. She is a true Genius"
by Felecia McCrackin December 21, 2016
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an ugly, mature, school nerd, bookworm, and has an attitude problem most of the time.
very rarely do you find an idella that has qualitys such as being pretty or having an awesome personality that looks don't matter.
did you see that idella.
how can that guy like her she's such an idella.
by LluvsJ September 14, 2007
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