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Icydick is when you get Icy Hot, Bio Freeze, Vix Vapor rub, or similar product on your balls or dick and now you have Icydick. That shit hurts. This could have been accidental because your dick itched while some of this stuff was on your hand, or because you're weird and put it there. Whatever.
Dude i put vix vapor rub on my chest last night and itched my crotch, next thing i know i got Icydick!
by DontTryAtHome August 14, 2012
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When a woman uses a man for sexual intercourse because of his ice or When a man induces a woman into sexual intercourse with his cold ice.
Dayum boiii that icydick is wavvy cold, you wanna come mine later? ;)

Sup babes look at my wrist doe, that's 100 000 you wanna cum..cough..cough.. come mine later?
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by Thekinofdeliza June 12, 2018
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