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One of various Icenogles living in the midwest, a generally nice and fun-loving people, mostly associated with arts and entertainment (or greeting cards). Definitely not a felcher.
"I had a great time last night at the Icenogle art show."
by themindtaker April 13, 2005
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The most wonderful girl in the world.

Synonyms: Beautiful, talented, sweet, fantastic

Attributes: Keen gams, the bees' knees, The cats' meow, smrt, art that could make a person die from happiness
"I love that Icenogle."
"You really need to lock that down"

by Th4t0neguy October 08, 2008
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1.(n) A long revered surname throughout the world. In more recent times it has occured predominantly in the Midwest, specifically in the larger Kansas City Metropolitan area. The heritage is as yet unknown, though it can been assumed through pronuciation to be of Scandanavian descent. The name is often associated with artists, hooligans, and loonies.
2. (v) An act of intimate canoodling. See felcher
1. Julia
2. Ped and his brother-in-law were out on Lake Marimichi incenogling all night.
by Reg Shanih February 01, 2005
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