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A Youtuber who acts like he isn't gay, but secretly wants his dick sucked by other men.
Makes jokes about being gay to cover the fact that he is.
Hates being asked about his favorite shiny Pokemon also.
Admits to being gay, but only for a prank
Nathan: Please hmu daddy Ice Twig ;)

Ice Twig: Anytime baby boy

*Thinks to himself* "I know he's down to suck my dick"
by Send bobs Twig October 21, 2017
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He or it who is very white, but sounds very black.

He or it is also extremely wierd and loves large penises.
P1-That guy sounds soooo black!

P2- but he's white and loves huge penises...

P3- yeah, he's a real Ice Twig
by clok November 08, 2010
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