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Intellectual Yet Idiot

... the inner circle of no-skin-in-the-game policy making “clerks” and journalists-insiders, that class of paternalistic semi-intellectual experts with some Ivy league, Oxford-Cambridge, or similar label-driven education who are telling the rest of us 1) what to do, 2) what to eat, 3) how to speak, 4) how to think… and 5) who to vote for.
When plebeians do something that makes sense to them, but not to him, the IYI uses the term “uneducated”.
by SaxonHeart September 18, 2016
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Text talk acronym for "if you're intersted?"
"Hey we're gonna smoke out then tease out our hair before the Def Leppard show tonight IYI."
by Hans Delbrook December 24, 2009
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Coloq. : Are You?
From the word Yis
I'yis comin wi' us?
(Are you coming with us?)
by Ozymandias February 13, 2005
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