Ira is a kind and calm girl who likes to make people smile with her interesting sense of humor. She's very smart and knows what to do in situations. Shes that girl who think's shes pretty even with out anyone saying she is. She enjoys reading and spending with her family and friends.
She looks just like an Ira!
by iSeaturtle March 9, 2021
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You should really have an Ira in your life, although she seems quiet at first, she is a bit weird and talks a lot when you get to know her. She is a vegetarian and she is a very picky eater when it comes to food. She is very nice so you'll be lucky to have an Ira cause she is very loyal and trustworthy and cares about you.
Hey its Ira
Ira is sooo quiet
No she's not, you need to get to know her!
by 7ofNiNE_Z August 27, 2019
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Irish Republican Army; a militant organization of Irish nationalists founded with the aim of striving for a united independent Ireland by means of guerrilla warfare.
The IRA wishes to drive the British forces out of Northern Ireland and achieve a united independent Ireland.
by Dancing with Fire September 4, 2012
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One of the most beautiful, kind, caring, and respectful girls you’ll ever meet! She’s probably a great athlete. Most likely plays basketball, volleyball and maybe badminton. Also very smart. Straight A student. Likes to sing a lot, and learn new things. She also is very talented in music arts and is a perfectionist when it comes to playing her instruments!
Is she just good at everything? I bet her name is Ira!
by purplepanda1000 November 18, 2019
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She is the smartest, cutest & prettiest girl you will ever meet. She is always there for you & never fails to make your day better!
Ira is quite a wonderful girl.
by cats&tea October 18, 2018
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A person whose true personality is never shown. A mysterious girl ( for that matter) that hides all she truly feel
Wow, Ira’s always she like never upset?
by Kagera November 16, 2017
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A big hearted individual with just the right blend of sarcasm and charm, mixed with a lot of laughter and smart-ass, sprinkled with awkward-ness, snuggles, and warmth. Tastes like whiskey.
They all knew they'd been Ira-ed after seeing the trail of blood and Snickers bar wrappers behind the dumpster fire while bluegrass played softly in the background.
by Elle Foster October 18, 2018
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