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Abbreviation for's Iron Man Of Gaming, a yearly video game contest held near Dallas, Texas where you can meet people from Screwattack like Stuttering Craig, AVGN, The Internz, and a load more.
Person A: Hey, are you going to IMOG this year?
Person B: I wish I could, but it's to far away.
Person A: I know. It's all the way in Texas!
by Brenden Eagle June 17, 2008
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In Memory Of Grief
After grief's been arrested by the FBI for hacking Jeff Morris's PC and viewing the UT3 source codes, everyone who knew him and respected this great person started typing this acronym in every IRC channels all over the world..
<A> Damn we miss grief, what would he have said right now....
<B> I don't know :(
<C> imog
<D> Yeah, imog, we love u bro
<A> ...
by Anubisftw June 28, 2007
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