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International House of Faggotry: A blue plaque tourist attraction in Oxford, UK, where women can safely spend the night without fear of having sex with any men.
"I can't be bothered to walk all the way home tonight, maybe I'll just stay at the IHOF"

"The IHOF is full of legends"
by Don't Stop June 18, 2009
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International House of Fetus : Any pregnant woman; a ghetto ass apartment/house filled with kids pissing in their pampers, crying, drawing on the walls with crayons.
"I'm not fucking with that smut, she's has 4 kids and lives in a I.H.O.F. down the street."

"Woah, who told her it's cool for an I.H.O.F. to be at a bar?"
by Papsmear Pappy March 19, 2009
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International House of Fuck (IHOF) is a place full of attractive people one would want to have sex with.
"The club last night was one big IHOF, packed to the walls with ass."
by jackospade August 12, 2007
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