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Refers to students undergoing the International Baccalaureate diploma program which is renowned to be extremely hard and a lot of work.

note: only Ib students will understand the pain and be able to understand this statement.
if you find yourself in these situations..
*loss of social life
*loss of sleep
*your extended essay/world lit essays/ tok presentation/ tok essay/ cas log book/ etc become your daily rituals
*your teachers start feeling sorry for you
*and many more

then you have been IB'd
by IB victim October 06, 2009
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corresponds by being owned in an argument by an IB student
Me and Josh had a discussion on how the mathematics of vectors are applied. He IB'd me!
by IB student December 07, 2009
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Inflammatory Bowel Disease
An autoimmune disease that effects the intestines. The immune system attacks the digestive system. Symptoms widely vary, since no case is the same.
Evan: Oh crap! I think my IBD is flaring!
Angela: Oh no! I wish your immune system would stop being a jerk!
by Annabeth Chase July 01, 2013
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Delete (or Death)
Used in forums and posted in a topic that will soon be deleted .
TopicHye guyz wuts happin'
Iv bin doin a few search over d net an i thnk i gut a gud anwswre.
Human 1 IBD!!
Human 2 IBD!!
by Kratosaurion August 01, 2007
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<guy1> francis ford coppola? he's still alive?
<guy2> he is
<guy1> ibd
by WillDeed July 23, 2003
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When she fart during sexy time, "Damn babe that's IBD!!!!"
by WolfBearBoi July 07, 2016
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