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An I.E.D is an 'Improvised Explosive Device'. These are in use in Iraq and most combat areas. Highly deadly to any sort of vehicle, armoured or not.
Did you see what happened to that robot minesweeper when it hit that I.E.D?
by lozza24490 February 26, 2007
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When a bunch of faggot muj bury explosives, such as C4, mortar rounds, artillery shells, grenades and such in sandy streets. The bomb is set off remotely by a pussy muj hiding somewhere when either a mounted or dismounted Coaltion patrol passes by.

These events are usually recorded and put on the web, set with radical Islamic chants in the backround and the triggermen screaming "Allah Akbar!", which means "God is great."

Very, very popular in Iraq, but now is turning up in Afghanistan.
IED's are for pussies! If you're a real martyr come out and shoot at us, you pussy muj!
by Squirell June 23, 2005
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Improvised Explosive Device- Currently one of the only effective means that lame ass Middle Easterners have at attack Coalition soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Fucking Haji tried to get me with an IED but he set it off too soon, so we shot his ass anyway.
by DrewDaHilp1 January 06, 2005
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An IED is a female that at first appears to be average looking but upon further investigation turns out to be quite disgusting. The term IED joined the popular lexicon after the release of the movie The Hurt Locker (in reference to the improvised explosive devices used by insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan). These explosives are well disguised by making them look like items you'd commonly see along the side of a road. Similarly, busted girls strategically hide their true appearance to get innocent guys to take them home (e.g. sunglasses effect, makeup, lack of light at the bar). To the dismay of the soldiers who happen upon them on the battlefield, as well as the gentlemen who happen upon them in bars, IEDs are not what they appear and end up exploding. Of note, IED is the logical evolution of the terms "grenade" and "landmine" used in the popular reality TV show The Jersey Shore.
Allan woke up in horror this morning when he discovered that he went home with an IED last night. While extreme caution could have possibly prevented Allan's mishap, once he consumed his seventh shot of vodka, he became a prime target for IEDs.
by creepmode27 January 25, 2011
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Combining 5 hour energy with any booze and caffeinated beverage as a makeshift power bomb. AKA an Improvised Explosive Device.
Without 4 Loko, they used Mountain Dew and Gin to create an IED
by FitzFranchize December 26, 2010
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Can often be confused with IBC (root beer)
Man1: "Hey go grab me an IBC from the basement."

Man2 * enters basement, thinks IED?, comes back up * "When the hell did we start building bombs down here?"
by L to the EFOS December 22, 2008
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Internet Expert Douchebag

a person or persons who transcribe text to depict themselves as having superior knowledge on a subject than anyone else.

Very common in sporting topics for complete nobodies to claim to have more inside and expert knowledge/advice than the coaches and athletes themselves.

They typically are quick to attack others who disagree with their opinions by claiming that person to be uneducated on the topic or matter of discussion.

They need to die.
person 1 - "the team shouldn't trade him. He is an valuable asset and the team has the funds to retain him. He is the reason they win. All the so called fans that hate on him clearly know nothing about the game and shouldn't jump ship so easily"

person 2 - "I disagree his stats clearly show he wasn't that great plus he spat on an official. Its good they got rid of him"

person 1 - "you clearly no nothing and need to actually watch a game. So uneducated"

person 2 - "lookout! IED detected"
by mikedee23 January 01, 2014
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