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People who just get the latest I-Phone without even considering any other phone on the market. They might like another brand more had they looked into it, but they don't care. They only need the I-Phone. Includes app developers who only design programs for I-Phones and completely ignore the entire Android OS as if it were a third world market.
Greg would love all the options on the HTC but he's an I-phoney.

I was trying to explain a widget to this I-phoney but they were looking at me like I was the crazy one!
by Summerbees November 15, 2011
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Computer geek wannabe, who instead of using an advanced device with unlimited capabilities, prefers the 'walled garden' of apple. They will babble endlessly of the superriority of apple products, yet have no actual technical degree or knowhow.
Ben: "Judy was telling me how awesome the ipad is"
Krista: "Yeah, but she's full of shit, she is an iphoney"
by samba6610 December 31, 2010
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pretending your iPod touch is an iPhone to look cool, by either using apps to make it look like an iPhone or just holding it your head like one.
person A:"hey when did ben get an iPhone?"
person B: "he didn't, he is holding his iPod touch up to his ear"
person A: "what an iPhoney..."
by nate-dawg-dizzle November 29, 2009
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an Apple iPhone, which is really an internet access device but is NOT a phone because - thanks to AT&T - it can't perform its basic telephony functions ....
It's not really a phone because it doesn't perform its phone function so you have to call it an iPhoney
by SVGuy March 19, 2010
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a way to piss off your iphone using friends who are so insecure that they will not turn off the 'sent from my iPhone" option or are perhaps to stupid to figure out how.
hey jackass, you think I am impressed with that sent from my iPhone tagline?
sent from my iPhoney
by sjmvi July 11, 2008
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anyone who owns an I-phone and never uses any of the features, except for the phone.
Dude, Jack is such an i-phoney, he only knows how to answer that thing!
by uncle weaver November 17, 2007
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