You add mostest at the end if I love you to signify you love your partner the mostest of all. Whoever says I love you mostest automatically loves the other partner more than he or she does forever and HAS to accept.
Dominic: I love you.

Stephanie: I love you more.

Dominic: I love you mostest. 💙
Stephanie: wow! You love me more than I do!? Guess I have to accept it.
by TheMostCorrectPersonToEverLive February 28, 2018
You add mostest to the end of I love you to signify you love your partner mostest of all. Whoever says I love you mostest first loves their partner mostest FOREVER and HAS TO accept it.
Dominic: I love you
Stephanie: I love you most
Dominic: I love you mostest💙
Stephanie: aww Doommmiiinniiccc I love you💜(can't beat that.)
by TheMostCorrectPersonToEverLive February 26, 2018
Tiana Loves Nicole The Mostest And That Is The Facts
Tiana: I love you the mostest

Nicole: not possible because.....

Tiana: interupts and shows definition on Urban Dictionary
by HelloiamFacts December 31, 2019
It's when you love someone more than they love you even though they used 'mostest'.
In most cases, 'mostest' can't be beaten, but there are always special exceptions, such as 'I love you more than mostest'

P.S - the person reading this is on top
Person 1 : I love you

Person 2 : I love you more

Person 1 : I love you mostest!

Person 2. : *oh damn what do I say I can't accept this because it isn't true!!!* I love you more than mostest.
Person 1 : Shucks, you got me there. I'll have to accept your love then
by thewallispainted September 20, 2020
If you say it you win the I love you volley.
Me:I love you
My girl: No I love you
Me:I love you more
My girl:Welll I love you most
Me:Well I love you mostest
by Djcd121620 November 19, 2021