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So many people wonder what "I Lechoo" is and what it stands for. It's really quite simple: It's a catch-phrase. One can even call it a universal interrogative particle. I lechoo can be placed just about anywhere and for everything. I lechoo think that I lechoo will just be slang. You see, we here at "" have a mission, and that mission is to introduce a new phrase into our language, any language. It's really phenomenal how things come to be, and the history of "I lechoo" is evident. I won't go into that much right now, but I will explain, if even for just a bit, a few of the ways "I lechoo" can be implemented into daily life; if you see a political leader doing something you don't really agree with you can ridicule their actions by stating sternly, "I lechoo" - this provides a sort of inner-release necessary in maintaining ones cool. Perhaps your boss decides to give you a raise and hands over a few tickets to San Tropez, or any other exotic destination on Earth, well this is a perfect time to express your gratitude with "I lechoo."

So, you see, there's really a wide range of uses for "I lechoo" - we've all discussed how odd it is that people always answer the phone with the ubiquitous "hello," well next time the phone rings pick it up and answer with "I lechoo," and I by all means lechoo. This lets the caller know that you're ready for talking and you don't want to spend those precious moments checking to see if the call actually went thru like they used to do "back in the good ole days" - with their sorry "hello" babble. I can think of infinite possibilities for this phenomenal conjuncture, but I'll leave it up to your imagination to begin applying it to whatever you feel is appropriate. Let's watch history develop and evolve, I lechoo.
Bartender: "Can I get you boys a beer?"

You: "Ahh, sure, I lechoo get me a New Castle."
by Giovanni Hernández January 22, 2004
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Using I lechoo definitely provides a sort of inner-release necessary in maintaining ones cool. It allows you tell someone you like something, like them, have wants and needs, and it also allows you to get the upper edge on them by allowing them to do something. Can be used in place of forghettaboutit.
AFFECTION: "Ilechoo." "Ilechoo you too."
AGREEMENT: "I'd like to tap that ass." "Ilechoo."
DESIRES: "Ilechoo give me all your weed."
by CoCoPuffs May 27, 2004
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"I Lechoo" is a slurred "I Let You".

It grants permission, even if permission was not required or sought. This can be used to admonish, praise, chide, tease, or approve, depending on the context.

"I lechoo"'s negative form is "dunlechoo".
A friend uses his chopsticks to steal sushi from your plate
Your response: I lechoo taste my otoro (fatty tuna)

There's a female sunbathing by the pool. A dirty old man walks up and stands next to her, staring.
He says: Hey baby, I lechoo be all hot n'stuff, aye?
Her response: I dunlechoo get it up, sick perv. deploying her pepper spray
by Wryjin October 16, 2005
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