Commonly used in sports, too, such as at a basketball court. Related is "got last," which means that the person has the game available after whatever group(s) have currently has called next.
by Kenstro November 20, 2016
To call seconds or claiming your spot on someones girlfriend. telling your mans & them you will hook up with their girlfriends. similar to calling shotgun in a car.
"ay yo! tell your sister i got next!!"

"hey jim just broke up with his girl", "oh fo real!? about time! tell that sucker i got next"
by E&J ALL DAY October 31, 2007
what you say when you are having sex with multiple guys and there is only one condom to share.
derek “Let’s do this but i only have one condom.”
gage “I got next.”
by TheRealSexGod November 17, 2017