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The empty seat in a movie theater that two males leave between them to show the rest of the audience that they are straight.
Bob: I went to a movie with John the other day but we left the I'm not gay seat, so no one thought it was weird.
by Grethe January 16, 2007
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A seat at a movie theater located directly between two homophobic straight males who are attending the film together.
"This theater wouldn't be so crowded if there weren't so many 'Im not gay seats' being taken! GAWD"
by Arianeeeee February 08, 2007
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The seat two closeted gay guys leave between each other in a movie theatre to convince themselves more than anyone else that they're straight.
One day, Adam and Steve went to a movie and left the "I'm not gay seat" between them. Two years later they fucked in that same seat.
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Seat that you leave empty between two males sitting next to each other. Also can be satisfied by finding a female to sit inbetween them.
Walt: let's go see a movie
James: alright, but this time leave the i'm not gay seat between us, so some hot chicks like last time won't think we're fucking fags.
Walt: it's alright, we're having this babe hayley come too, and she'll sit between us.
James: cool.
by James Gutierrez February 18, 2007
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