What you say ironically in almost any situation that youre slightly uncomfterble with, confused about, or losing focus in.

Accompanied with eyes like O_O, and 1/4 tsp of Sarcasm.

When the edges of your brain are fraying with the feeling of scurredd you spell it Afrayd.
Girl 1: "yayy let's order curly fries"
Boy 1: "Aww, daing main! yumyums"
Girl 2: "I'm Afraid O_O"
Girl 1: "okays bape"
by chocolatesauceee June 20, 2011
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3 words used to defy an action
Hacker: "Haha! I am going to kill everyone!"
Pro: "I'm afraid not."
by A nerd stick November 6, 2020
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The feeling you get when you're so depressed you dont even care if you die

Bill - man, you okay? You didn't even flinch!
Me - man I'm sorry I'm not afraid to die
by Donkey__tonkey__honkeyhonkey February 7, 2021
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