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Kim Taehyung a.k.a. V of BTS gave a new meaning to the word purple. Purple means love, trust and loyalty. So technically if someone tells you "I purple you", that someone is saying "I'll trust you, love you, support you, and be loyal to you until my last breath".
I purple you, army!

I purple you, BTS!

I purple you Kim Namjoon! Kim Seokjin! Min Yoongi! Jung Hoseok! Park Jimin! Kim Taehyung! Jeon Jungkook! BTS!
by Minjjixx June 28, 2018
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β€œI purple you” Definition by Kim Taehyung One of BTS member.

β€œPurple is the last color of the rainbow colors so it means i will trust and love u for a long time.” A simple definition by Taehyung πŸ―πŸ’œ
Army, I Purple You
K-Army, I Purple You
I-Army, I Purple You
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by Paffulafyu December 21, 2017
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Originated July 21, 2018, when BTS member V posted on WEIBO:

"η΄«ηˆ±δ½ πŸ’œ" which directly translates to
"I purple love you" or simply "I purple you" from Mandarin. The phrase orginally comes as "εͺζ„›δ½ " which means "I only love you", but V replaced εͺ (only) with the similarlly sounding η΄« (purple).

The wordplay is seen to be adamantly remarkable, considering even many chinese-speaking fans did not notice the pun at first, and V is a non-native speaker in English and Mandarin, both languages which of are necessary to make/understand this pun.

Because of this, the phrase "I Purple You" has now been popularized and is even used outside of BTS and their fans.

V further defines Purple to be the color of trust and long-lasting love, because Purple comes last in the rainbow, following all other colors.

In short, "I Purple You" is slang for "I trust you", "I love you" and "I will stay by your side".
I πŸ’œ you
I purple you. πŸ’œ
by mobbio July 09, 2018
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Purple is the last color of the rainbow so it means I will trust and love you for a long time.
I purple you πŸ’œ
by Marguitte August 19, 2019
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a term for kpop group BTS fandom army use like I love you
I purple you latifahπŸ’œ
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by BTS poo jimin July 21, 2019
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a phrase used by ARMYs and BTS to say we love eachother. the phrase was made by V / Kim Taehyung and it means i will love and trust you forever. it comes from being the last colour in the rainbow, which Taehyung explained that it meant love and trust. the Korean translation for it is 보라해 -borahae
BTS: β€œi purple you”

ARMY: β€œi purple you too”
by bangtansmoonchild January 15, 2020
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