4 definitions by I lost the game

man: i won the game!
women: impossible

( both lose the game as they thought of the game)
by I lost the game March 4, 2008
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A horrible disease that makes you eventually starve to death.

fridge blindness is something which many men have, usually we can live through it with the help of a female who has not got Fridge blindness disease.

it starts of with not being able to find the butter in the fridge and having to ask where it is. it is eventually found by a female right in front of your eyes.
Then it moves onto more obvious object such as the eggs, milk and after a few weeks of having FBD you will no longer be able to see the orange juice.

Unfortunately some people have been seriously hurt mentaly by this disease.

WARNING!!!! all men and a small percent of female will have this disease in there life, you can't catch it of other infected people but it is more dangerous in a badly lit room.

Man with Fridge Blindness: wheres the butter?
woman: there idiot, it's right in front of you

*10 days later the man dies of not having enough milk*
by I lost the game April 19, 2008
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The game -

a person hears about the game and thus loses by thinking about it, they must then say (or shout) " i've lost the game" then everyone who hears and thinks about the game also loses. when someone asks about the game they are told the rules and then they are in the game.

there is one way to leave the game, which is to die without thinking of the game, which means they are not playing... (what?) so there is no way to win.

the normal reaction to someone saying i lost the game is to start swearing and punching the person for making them lose.

--- P.S i lost the game---
boy 1: I lost the game
Boy 2: noooooo
Girl 1: fuck you
Girl 2: whats the game?
by I lost the game March 4, 2008
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A type of vest which has soup and gravy dribles down the front, this is mainly worn by 50 year old men with no hair and they try and chat-up little kids on the internet.
Man: ooo a vest
sales assistant: no you don't need that yet, your only 30
man: ok, reserve me one of those soup stain vests for 20 years time.
by I lost the game March 4, 2008
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