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1. Often said when a women has excessive pubic hair.

2. An Expression used when somebody can not locate something.
Tim: Where did you hide that easter egg.
Lindsay: I hid it in the bush.
Arthur: I can't find it. You need to shave.
Tim: I cwutudidther!
by SantaMOD March 25, 2011
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a lively, vigorous type of contemporary Latin American popular music, blending predominantly Cuban rhythms with elements of jazz, rock, and soul music.
a ballroom dance of Puerto Rican origin, performed to this music, similar to the mambo, but faster with the accent on the first beat instead of the second beat of each measure.
Mexican Cookery . a sauce, especially a hot sauce containing chilies.
Dorothy: I like salsa music
Kevin: What The Fuck?
Dave: Can you break dance?
Gabe: No, but I can salsa.
Adrian: That's some damn good salsa Lauren
Megan: My name is Megan...
Eminem: "I'm the lead singer in my band and get all the girls to take off their underpants"
by SantaMOD February 26, 2011
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If you'd eat her ass if it was clean,
if you'd eat her ass if it was nasty,
if you'd eat her ass if it was covered in shit,
if you'd eat the literal shit out of her ass,
if you'd live to be her personal toilet, meeting her every lavatorial demand,

then, and only then, is a girl porcelain hot.
by SantaMOD December 04, 2017
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