Verb. Stick your limp dick in your special lady friends ear, with your left hand cover her other ear. Commence blasting so that your balls are smacking the side of her head. When you start to get real hard smash your dick in your ear until she screams "OUCH!!" or "Shit that hurt!!!" at which point you reply "I cunt hear you."
After pulling the triple back tittie lick, screwdriving twisting double lutz drop on my girl she said "SHIT THAT WAS DEAF!" I said "No, this is deaf". And proceeded with the "I cunt hear you."
by Cayton Cleet June 19, 2009
a term used when someone replies to something said they didn't want to hear
Girlfriend: "Babe, my feet are killing me from these heels. Will you rub my feet?"
Boyfriend: "Twat, I cunt hear you..."
by GlazeHer January 1, 2014