It is when you are getting a hyper succ, you almost lose your penis in the intensity of this succ. Unless you are ready to put your penis on the line, do not particpate in the hyucc.
"she succ me, she succ me harder, she succ me so fast that now she hyucc me."
by reallaxus September 20, 2015
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The action of sucking a male penis into oblivion. The ultimate blowjob that can only be performed by specially skilled women. The Hyucc is said to be so pleasurable dolphins often travel months on end looking for the Hyucc. 3/7 Hyuccs result in penile injury or death. DO NOT receive the Hyucc unless you are willing to put your penis or your life on the line.
Did you here Griffin passed away from gettting the Hyucc? I heard Trisha preformed it on him
by Skillder12 January 5, 2022
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