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hy·po·beau·ther·mi·a (hahy-puh-boh-thur-mee-uh) (hī'pə-bəʊ-thûr'mē-ə)

noun , plural: hy·po·beaux·ther·mi·a (hahy-puh-bohz-thur-mee-uh)

1. A male prostitute whose body temperature is dangerously low.

Related forms:

hy·po·beau·ther·mic, adjective


2013 Mod.L., from hypo- "under" (see hypo) + from beau- "male companion" (see beau) + Gk. therme "heat" (see therm).
That male prostitute outside looks like he is suffering from hypobeauthermia.
Plural: That group outside looks like they are suffering from hypobeauxthermia.
Adjective: He is so hypobeauthermic right now.
by Chuck1984 November 25, 2013
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